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“Healthy relationships don’t need constant CPR! There will be obstacles to overcome in all relationships, but you fight for those that fight for you, you don’t hold on for the sake of chemistry and compatible horoscopes. Stop being confined to these basic ass ideals that say your entire life is built around waiting on a bus stop until fate pulls up with your husband. There isn’t one person out there for you, there are many. To sacrifice your dignity, your prime, and your self-respect in order to hold on to a man you falsely label as a limited edition, will be a waste of your life. Your soul isn’t stagnant; you evolve every day to the point where you are literally a new person every five years. So by the laws of nature the person that was perfect for you at age 17 may not be perfect for you at age 24. The guy who saw the world with the same eyes as you at age 27 may outgrow your vision come age 35. This idea that everyone will end up with a soulmate is flawed—bitches die single every day, b. Start taking control of your destiny by loving those that give you a reason to love them and cutting off those that no longer complete you.”

Black Girls Are Easy (via lovelyandbrown)

“It’s romantic suicide to invest in a person that you’re not blown away with or sure about, and that goes for men and women. However, women are generally more willing to take that risk and put all their eggs in one basket much more frequently than men because their desire for romance and love blinds them from the warning signs that the nigga she’s crushing on has serious issues and isn’t worth going all in with. To put it in terms Bambi can comprehend: A man who isn’t sold on you will hold back emotionally, because he is looking for something better. This deliberate withholding of his feelings or “eggs” allows men to get over you easier or scout for new pussy to replace you with, without feeling guilty. New Niggas invented exclusive, but not committed relationships aka Situationships because unlike dudes in the 70’s, they realized that you don’t have to say, “be my girlfriend” or “You know I love you” in order to get a girl to give up pussy, mouth, or money. You can call yourself his “Friend,” “Bae,” or whatever makes you feel less guilty about giving up Coochie to a man that won’t commit, but at the end of the day, you are merely a basket holding one or two of his eggs. Every male over 21 knows that you give a girl a little love and affection, and she will assume the rest is on the way. By the time she figures out she’s been played, it’s too late and he’s off to the next basket. To all the women in these starter-kit relationships where a man won’t fully commit, wake the hell up. You can not give guys you just “talk to” husband benefits just because you want to play house! Cock your head, roll your eyes, and tell the world how special you are, but if your relationship status remains, “it’s complicated” that means it’s simple, he thinks he can do better.”

Black Girls Are Easy (via lovelyandbrown)


i only understand like 9% of life


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